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About us

Mildred and Iola’s Boutique is an upscale women’s boutique. We are family owned and operated. Our customer service is unequalled. We offer quality exciting, fashions in women’s apparel, jewelry and all important skin care. Our most discriminating customers say our products are timeless and distinctive. In an effort to never disappoint them and hopefully you, we travel several times a year to get the very best products. It is our goal to offer exciting, timeless fashions, always.


At Mildred and Iola’s Boutique, we believe that fine dressing is an art. We hope to be inspiration to anyone who knows that they deserve the best life has to offer. It will be an honor to help. Discovery of your personal style is as important and rewarding to Mildred and Iola’s as it is to anyone who is our customer. There is no detail unworthy of our strict attention. This is our pledge to any customer who makes any purchase from us.


The founding of Mildred and Iola’s was conceived many years ago. I rode a yellow school bus each school day with this dream. I wanted to found a woman’s super salon. There, women could expect to receive exceptional care. They would also receive unparalleled service. The super salon would provide displays of women’s apparel available on site available for purchase. There would also be on display, showcases of jewelry sure to delight any woman’s desire. Lastly, but not the least, there would always be a cosmetic beauty consultant available to demonstrate the latest in skin care products.


My passion for founding a super salon was to begin with a fashion merchandising degree. My mother feared a home separation because of my then young age. However, I succeeded in obtaining a degree in accounting. I have attended many fashion seminars. I have studied gemology with emphasis on metals and stones.


The dream that started on the yellow school bus has been realized. Mildred and Iola’s was founded three years ago as an online store. The mission of offering exciting, timeless fashions is true. The many years of dedicated preparations have been rewarding. It is our hope that our customers come to experience this dream of success with us.